Global Business services sector in latvia
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global business services centers (gbsC)

GBS Centers are globally represented companies with business units in Latvia responsible for providing support services (IT, accounting and finance, client service, procurement, logistics, legal, document management, and others) to its group companies worldwide or providing similar services to legally unrelated entities. 


  • 50 GBS centers based in Latvia provide more than 17 thousand jobs
  • The average gross salary is close to 2000 euro
  • The number of people employed by GBSC has increased by 10% in 2021
  • Approximately 15 million euros are paid in A and B class office space leasing transactions every year
  • GBSC industry invests around 10 million euro in employee training activities (soft skills, digital competencies, foreign language training) every year


ABSL encourages Global Business Services and IT centers to connect, collaborate and grow. We engage government officials, universities, and other stakeholders to reach the full potential of Latvia as a highly attractive location for the industry.

ABSL Latvia vision

ABSL Latvia aims to transform Global Business Service and IT centers into a well-known and dynamically growing industry directly accelerating the growth of Latvia’s economy. ABSL helps Latvia to become one of the top locations in CEE for Global Business Services and IT companies.

ABSL LATVIA core RESPONSibility areas

ADVOCACY of the industry

Communication with government institutions to improve the business environment and foster the growth of industry.

collaboration with universities 

ABSL Latvia builds strong ties with higher education institutions to provide a growing number of graduates educated about the industry specifics.

Awareness of industry

Appearance in public media & participation in public events, organization of events to attract the interest of media, society, which is a good way to build awareness of the industry itself.

networking platform

ABSL Latvia organizes knowledge-sharing clubs across different business support functions to exchange experiences, opinions, learn and inspire from each other.

INFORMATION about the growth of the industry

ABSL Latvia in collaboration with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia releases Annual Business Services Report.

providing support for employee training needs

ABSL Latvia fosters the growth of talent with the help of the European Regional Development Funding program for employee training needs (covering up to 70% of related costs)

ABSL Latvia board members:

Alesja Kircenko
SEB Global Services
ABSL Latvia

Chairperson of the Board

Ieva Zirne
Circle K Business Centre

Kim Leandersson
Cognizant Latvia

Lelde Lipska
Cabot Latvia

Ieva Aizvakara
Atea Global Services

Rodions Sirjajevs
MSC Shared Services
Center Riga

Vladislavs Sorokins
ABSL Latvia