09.04.2021 CEE business services awards 2021

ABSL Latvia is proud of all its members short-listed in different categories in already 9th annual CEE Business Services Awards 2021 (14-15 April). 🏆✨

We will keep our fingers crossed for all nominees:
🔸 MSC Shared Service Center Riga (Best University-Business Cooperation of the Year)
🔸 MSC Shared Service Center Riga (Top Process-Automation Implementation of the Year)
🔸 allnex Latvia, Atea Global Services Ltd.., CIRCLE K BUSINESS CENTRE, DNB Bank ASA Service Center, MSC Shared Service Center Riga, TietoEVRY (Business Services Firm of the Year – Latvia)
🔸 MSC Shared Service Center - Rodion Shiryayev, and Circle K Business Centre - Arturs Andzans (Business Centre Director of the Year – BSC – CEE)

29.03.2021 new absl latvia board elected

On March 29, ABSL Latvia had its Annual General Meeting during which newly elected board members were announced.

On March 31, the newly elected board members voted for Fredis Bikovs to continue his responsibilities as a Chairperson of the Board, while Ieva Zirne was re-elected for the second period in the position of Deputy Chairperson of ABSL Latvia. 👏

Many congratulations and thanks to all those industry representatives who put forward their candidacies to become board members of the association. It proves that we care and together we will achieve the best results! 💯

We will keep doing a great job for the sake of all industry!

18.03.2021 announced "top employer 2020"

ABSL Latvia congratulates CIRCLE K BUSINESS CENTRE for being officially announced as "TOP Employer 2020" in the newly added category "Global Business Services". More than 6700 votes were given to companies representing the industry, which is around 45% of all respondents participating in the survey. 👏

"Thank you goes to participants for sharing their votes and CV-Online Latvia for continuing the good traditions in special times. The biggest thank you goes to our employees who have created an environment that is recognized outside the virtual walls of our premises. “TOP employer of the year in GBS” award is an honor for both Circle K Business Centre and GBS industry in Latvia," says Ieva Zirne, Senior HR Business Partner at CIRCLE K BUSINESS CENTRE. 🏆🥇#TOPDarbaDevejs2020 #circlek #globalservices #cvonline

11.03.2021 Absl speaks about future offices

VAS "Valsts nekustamie īpašumi" / State Real Estate, Latvia organizes a conference "Evolution of work environment changes - adapt, reform, continue", where ABSL Latvia representative Monta Geidane will tell more about the role of remote work and its evolution nowadays, she will be also touching upon the question on what kind of impact it brings to the office environment.

You can follow the online conference on March 11, 9:30 am here:
#environment #remotework #realestate

09.03.2021 ABSL opinion article published on delfi.lv

ABSL Latvia Executive Director Monta Geidane's opinion article published on DELFI Latvia and Ir.lv, where she talks about the meaningful and goal-oriented involvement of responsible government institutions in raising people's qualifications and skills.

The time when we could train employees with the help of local education centres has passed already for several years, we need to focus more on education platforms coming from foreign providers (Coursera, Linkedin Learning, Udemy, etc.) so that we could learn those skills that are needed to work globally and speak in one common language with process owners around the globe.

👉Please read the full article here: https://bit.ly/3eqKgUz

01.03.2021 last call to submit nominations

📣Already 9th Annual CEE Business Services Summit & Awards ceremony will be organized on April 14-15, 2021 - this time in Hybrid format.

👉This is the last call for Business Services Centers to nominate your organizations in any of 27 open awards categories - the nomination deadline has been extended to March 5.
You can submit the nomination here: http://bit.ly/2PdSlRW

🏆 In previous years SEB Global Services, Cognizant, CIRCLE K BUSINESS CENTRE have won awards in certain categories, which helped a lot in building their recognition and also strengthened their role in global organizations.

24.02.2021 new member joins absl latvia

💯Intrum is a leading credit-management company with expertise in debt collection services. With its headquarters based in Stockholm, Intrum is present in 24 countries in Europe plus Latin America (Brazil), employing more than 10 thousand professionals.

🎉Intrum set up its IT operations center in Riga in 2010, taking care of providing software development services, implementation, and IT support for Intrum Group needs. Gradually growing its number of employees, Intrum Global Technologies currently employs more than 260 high-level IT professionals.

🚀 Welcome and congratulations on joining the ABSL community of business services leaders!
#newmembers #businessservices

23.02.2021 ABSL signs contract with training lab

📢ABSL Latvia has signed an agreement with Training Lab within the European Regional Development Fund program “Support for employee training needs”. Starting from now all global business services centers based in Latvia have an opportunity to receive Training Lab professional courses for their employees with 30-70% of costs covered by European Union funding.

📩 Please contact Ivars Juskevics (Co-founder and Consultant at Training Lab) in order to discuss which professional courses would be highly needed for your employees.
#trainingneeds #globalservices #funding

18.02.2021 Circle K Business centre expands

🎉 ABSL Latvia congratulates CIRCLE K BUSINESS CENTRE on expanding its operations in Latvia by servicing new countries - the USA and Canada. Such success stories prove that Latvia is a great location for business services, providing a business environment that fosters growth. Circle K Business Centre based in Riga has proven its capacity and capability to overtake new geographic regions, thus also strengthening its role in a global organization.
👏"I am personally glad that the performance of our professionals has convinced the decision-makers on the other side of the ocean to give us the responsibility to serve their local Circle K Service Stations from the business center based in Riga. The quality of provided services, the knowledge and experience of our employees, and the excitement in everything we do has helped us to expand our operations by servicing new continent," says Arturs Andzans Managing Director at CIRCLE K BUSINESS CENTRE.
You can read the full article here 👉 http://bit.ly/2NHLa3W

09.02.2021 green channel for investment projects

With the initiative coming from the Ministry of Economics and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, finally, the fast-track "Green Channel" has been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers allowing significantly ease the administrative burden for investment projects. 👏💯
"We highly appreciate that Global Business Services sector has been recognized as a strategically important and high value-added industry. The process improvements coming into force with the help of the so-called "Green Channel" initiative, means that the existing and also new investors will be able to set up the operations in Latvia much quicker than before and it will be much easier to recruit high-level professions from foreign counties. We are thankful for having successful cooperation with the Ministry of Economics and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia throughout the journey," says Fredis Bikovs Chairman of the Board at ABSL Latvia.
You can find the full article here 👉http://bit.ly/3q5vKob

08.02.2021 interview with absl on delfi.lv 

Today on online news portal Delfi published the latest interview with ABSL Latvia Executive Director Monta Geidane where she answers all the possible questions around the Global Business Services industry in Latvia - the impact that the pandemic has left on the industry, what is important for investors, why should we think more about how Latvia, especially Riga, looks like in the eyes of those high-level professionals that are looking for job opportunities in Europe and why it's so critically important to think about people qualification possibilities and digital skills. 🚀

You can read the full interview here 👉 http://bit.ly/3jutODk

05.02.2021 ABSL builds strong ties with universities

ABSL Latvia congratulates its Chairman of the Board, Fredis Bikovs, for becoming a part of the BA School of Business and Finance Advising Council. 👨‍🎓 Higher education and qualification of the talent pool is a hot topic around the globe - digitalization, process optimization, business efficiency - all this needs to have a proper talent in place.

With the help of ABSL Latvia, Fredis has raised the question of challenges that foreign investors face when trying to build up a team of strong professionals, and he is personally involved in several initiatives to make things better.👏

ABSL Latvia trusts that Fredis' knowledge and professional background in developing the business services industry in Latvia will serve as a great base for consulting the BA School of Business and Finance in future growth opportunities.

26.01.2021 ABSL signs the contract with bda

📣 ABSL Latvia has signed an agreement with Baltijas Datoru Akadēmija (BDA) within the European Regional Development Funding program “Support for employee training needs”. Starting from now all global business services centers based in Latvia have an opportunity to receive Baltijas Datoru Akadēmija (BDA) professional training courses for their employees with 30-70% costs covered from the European Union funding. ✨

Please contact Mārtiņš Rēķis (Training Solutions Consultant at Baltijas Datoru Akadēmija (BDA) to discuss which professional courses would be highly needed for your employees. ✍

25.01.2021 last call to fulfill the annual survey

📢This is the LAST CALL to fulfill and submit ABSL Latvia annual survey 🕐 (DEADLINE - JANUARY 31). This is your opportunity to contribute to already 2nd annual report on Global Business Services sector in Latvia - dynamically growing and thriving industry.

Involvement of every single #GBS center based in Latvia is crucial in order to represent the main development tendencies in industry. Covid-19 impact on operations, development plans, RPA solutions, trends in employment and many more topics will be covered in this particular industry report. 📊

If you haven't received the link to survey yet, do not hesitate to contact: [email protected] ✍️

19.01.2021 GBS category included in "top employer"

🎉ABSL Latvia gives a shout-out to all Global Business Services industry in Latvia and their employees. Finally "Global Business Services" as a separate category has been included in annual CV-Online Latvia survey "Top employer 2020" 🥇 which aims to announce the best employers in different categories based on public voting. Starting from 2021 "Global Business Services" added as a separate category letting industry to have a healthy competition among themselves. Spread the news with all your employees! All they have to do is to go to website 👉 www.topdarbadevejs.lv and by choosing Business Services category they have to indicate the best employer.

⏰ Hurry up, the voting ends on February 23.
🔍 More information here: http://bit.ly/2XQwrW6

15.01.2021 ABSL signs contract with franklincovey

📣ABSL Latvia has signed an agreement with FranklinCovey Latvia within European Regional Development Funding program “Support for employee training needs”. Starting from now all global business services centers based in Latvia have an opportunity to receive FranklinCovey Latvia professional training courses for their employees with 30-70% costs covered from European Union funding. ✨

Please contact Baiba Orga (Client Partner at FranklinCovey) in order to discuss which professional courses would be highly needed for your employees. ✍
#funding #training #opportunity

12.01.2021 ABSL welcomes new guest lecturers

📣 ABSL Latvia announces a second call for GBS professionals to join ABSL group of guest lecturers. This is an opportunity for those industry professionals who find themselves passionate about strengthening students awareness of Global Business Services sector in Latvia through visiting lectures.

Please contact your HR department to get more information about this ABSL initiative and to receive detailed guidelines on how to apply or just email the association at [email protected]
❗ Application deadline - January 22, 2021!

11.12.2020 riga investment and tourism agency

📢 Riga City Council has made a forward-looking decision to set up Riga Investment and Tourism agency - a separate Riga municipality owned establishment responsible for tourism attraction and building the recognition of Riga as highly chosen location for Global Businesses.

Starting from now investors will be even more welcome and individually supported by Riga municipality on their way to settle down in Riga. 🚀

👉"Setting up Riga Investment and Tourism agency is a step in the right direction, however there is substantial need to build highly qualified team of professionals in order reach our goal - become business metropolis of Baltics. The newly formed Riga Investment and Tourism agency has to become a strong partner in discussions with foreign investors," comments ABSL Latvia Chairman of the Board Fredis Bikovs.

Read press release here: https://bit.ly/37V44KN

09.12.2020 ABSL Latvia signs agreement with triviums

ABSL Latvia has signed an agreement with TRIVIUMS apmācība training centre within European Regional Development Fund program “Support for employee training needs”. All global business services centers based in Latvia have an opportunity to receive Triviums professional training courses for their employees with 30-70% costs covered by European Union funding.👏

Please contact Kristine Kanska (Training project manager at Triviums) in order to discuss which professional courses would be highly needed for your employees.✍️

07.12.2020 ABSL latvia opinion article on www.ir.lv

The significance of competitive labor tax rates; availability of highly talented professionals; retaining and reskilling workers; importance of investment attraction strategy

- all those questions have been answered in opinion article by ABSL Latvia Chairman of the Board Fredis Bikovs published on ir.lv 👉 https://bit.ly/36PucaM

03.12.2020 coursera courses available to everyone

Now is the best time to expand your knowledge! Everyone now has the chance to apply for online courses on the Coursera platform for free, an offer brought to you by State Employment agency.

A few practicalities of the offer:
👉 To register for the online courses on the Coursera platform for free and receive a certificate for completing the courses, an application must be submitted until December 14, 2020. The courses must be finished before February 15, 2021.
👉 You can apply for one or many courses according to your interests and wants
👉 Anyone interested in broadening his / her skill set is eligible to apply
✅ Registration takes place online here: https://bit.ly/2Vu4brd
We encourage you to spread the message to your employees!

30.11.2020 swisscom opens devops center in riga

ABSL Latvia (association for business services leaders in Latvia) congratulates Swisscom for opening its second European DevOps Center in Riga. Swisscom plans to recruit 40 employees by the end of 2021. 

✨Welcome to Global Business Services community in Latvia - striving for excellence in everything we do!

Riga offers the ideal location for Swisscom’s second DevOps unit abroad after Rotterdam. Latvia is widely acknowledged as a centre for IT, software and digitalisation excellence and is raising the next generation of qualified IT experts through the local educational system.

👉Read more here: https://bit.ly/2Vhz3uP

👉You can already find the open job positions here: https://bit.ly/3o55HMD

03.11.2020 new member - if p&C insurance

It is our pleasure to announce If P&C Insurance as a new member of ABSL Latvia.

If P&C Insurance is the leading Nordic non-life insurance company in Scandinavia and the Baltic States. The owner of If is Sampo Plc., which is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. If offers full range of non-life insurance to its private and business customers. If employs a total of around 6,800 people and serves approximately 3.6 million customers.

Congratulations for joining ABSL community of business services leaders! 

21.10.2020 how to stay competitive in labor market

ABSL Latvia Chairman of the Board Fredis Bikovs participated as speaker in online career day - "What should we do today to remain our competitiveness in labor market also in future?"✨organized by social initiative Latvija Strādā and State Employment Agency. 🕥 (October 21, 7pm)

"One of the main preconditions of people re-qualification is that the gained skills and competences are useful and required by employers also in long-term. Meaningful training raises individual's value in labor market and increases the ability to earn more," says Fredis Bikovs.🚀

15.10.2020 GBS industry guest lectures in universities

ABSL Latvia is actively promoting guest lectures by industry experts in higher education institutions of Latvia. This week the initiative was finally launched with the first open guest lecture by Anna Demidova (MSC Shared Service Center Riga) held at RISEBA University.The lecture was all about the importance of Customer Service - emotional and rational needs, how to deal with unsatisfied customer and what is the proactive service. 🚀

Anna has 15 years of experience in customer service dealing with external and internal clients, she has gone through all levels within organization starting from Documentation assistant to Director, leading a department of nearly 80 people. She is constantly obtaining additional knowledge in people management, communication and negotiations techniques, project management and other fields, which she is always happy to share with others. 👩‍🏫

13.10.2020 how to get back lv talent from abroad?

ABSL Latvia Chairman of the Board Fredis Bikovs participated in conference "How to get back Latvian talent living abroad?"organized by State Employment Agency.

"In order to prevent a new emigration wave, it is important to retrain talent for future jobs. Countries might have well-developed infrastructure, the lowest tax rates, supportive and transparent business environment, but it's doesn't have any value as long the location can't provide highly qualified talent. Latvia, as a location highly chosen by GBS centers, offers highly skilled and educated talent and will do it's best to have it also in future," says Fredis Bikovs. 🌍🚀

🎬You can still watch full discussion here: https://lnkd.in/eRUPg-F

08.10.2020 ABSL opinion article on dienas bizness

One of the goals of ABSL Latvia is to speak up about the importance of Business Service sector in Latvia. Currently it's one of the best moments to once again remind about industry's contribution to the country's economy.

Read an opinion editorial by ABSL Latvia Executive Director, Monta Geidane, to understand how Norwegian case is actually showing that Latvia has an untapped potential to become highly chosen location by Global Business services centers. Please read the opinion article here.

24.09.2020 participation in discussion on future office

ABSL Latvia representative, Monta Geidane, together with Andris Varna, CPM (VAS "Valsts nekustamie īpašumi" / State Real Estate, Latvia), Ieva Tetere (SEB banka Latvia), Jekaterina Kosmaceva (Regus Baltics) participated in a panel discussion about future office environment within real estate conference organized by Dienas bizness. Although pandemic can leave certain changes in our habits, it's still too early to come up with conclusions on how long they are here to stay and to what extent. Large organizations are starting to asses their current office space, how it's being used and for what purposes. Shared desk policy, activity based offices, larger leisure rooms, extended kitchens and coffee corners is something that might become more popular. Undoubtedly, employee experience is a strong defining element for company success.

You can watch full discussion here: https://bit.ly/36I3Mbi
Thanks to all panelists, moderator Oskars Priede and Dienas bizness for organizing another great conference. 

22.09.2020 ABSL discussion within hrnedēļa latvia

HR experts - Ieva Zirne (CIRCLE K BUSINESS CENTRE), Lauma Kadike (Solvay Latvia), Elva Reine (Atea Global Services Ltd.) and Antra Lazdiņa (TietoEVRY Latvia), all representing members of ABSL Latvia, participated in a panel discussion organized by ABSL Latvia within HR Nedēļa Latvija to talk about the main principles and challenges of remote work.The importance of communication, urgent necessity to identify those ones who find it especially difficult to work remotely and provide individual approach, engagement issues, mental well-being were discussed. Talking about the future of remote work - looks like a new reality has started and we will never completely return back to offices. 

Many thanks to Zane Culkstena for moderating the discussion and guiding us through "tips&tricks" recommended by global business services centers in order to stay productive, engaged and healthy also while working remotely.

17.09.2020 norwegian establishes bs centre in riga

Congratulations to Norwegian! The right decision made to establish a global business services centre in Riga serving several outsourcing activities to it's group companies worldwide.

Welcome to Riga, Latvia - a country with highly educated and multilingual talent, well-developed business environment and astonishing nature!  Wish you to have a great journey ahead and we as an industry association will support you the best possible way!

Read more here: https://bit.ly/3hGI2OV
You can already find the open job positions here: https://bit.ly/3kvY6oi

05.09.2020 absl participates in lampa festival

On the last day of Lampa Conversation festival, ABSL Latvia Chairman of the Board Fredis Bikovs together Gustavs M. Upmanis (Founder of Visas Iespejas), Justīne Širina (President Latvijas Studentu apvienība), Jolanta Vjakse (Project Manager at Latvijas Darba devēju konfederācija), Oskars Putnins (HORTUS Digital) participated in panel discussion about the importance of work-based learning in higher education system.

💯"Starting from the first study year, I decided to join one of global business service centers as an entry level specialist, which gave me understanding on how theoretical knowledge can be easily applied on different processes in organization," comments Fredis Bikovs during the discussion.

🎥You can still watch the full discussion here: https://bit.ly/338JMuY

21.08.2020 discussion about youth and future jobs

ABSL Latvia Chairman of the Board Fredis Bikovs together with President of Latvia Levits Egils, Executive Director of Foreign Investors' Council in Latvia Linda Helmane and Youth Policy activist Natālija Knipše participated in panel discussion about young talents and skills needed for future jobs. 👏

You can watch full discussion here 👉 https://bit.ly/3l4xY5d

"GBS sector invests 10 million EUR a year in education and I was happy to share where employers invest and what kind of skills they require in future. Meaningful education and upskilling policy directly correlates with country export strategy, which is crucial for attracting new investors and creating sustainable and competitive jobs," comments Fredis Bikovs.


ABSL Latvia congratulates it's member Atea Global Services for receiving a Sustainability Index Fair Trade Award by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The award proves that Atea Global Services is building its business and relations with employees, suppliers and partners on the basis of respect, integrity and sustainability.

Read full article here: https://bit.ly/3eW1kyp

21.07.2020 absl is looking for guest lecturers

One of ABSL Latvia responsibilities is to build strong relationships with higher education institutions in order to shape and improve higher education system by including and strengthening competences highly required by business services industry. It is important to develop recognition of sector among graduates and last year students, therefore ABSL Latvia is looking for enthusiastic industry experts, who would be open to voluntarily contribute to higher education system or in other words - willing to deliver guest lectures at universities based in Latvia.

You can apply to be a part of this initiative via email by writing to [email protected]


Employee training projects co-financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is a great opportunity for all members of ABSL Latvia. Companies can receive 30%-70% costs covered for teaching Northern languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish), project management skills, IT, programming, production engineering and telematics, logistics. The financial support is available not matter the size of organization, also large companies can apply.

In order to successfully start the project realization, ABSL Latvia is organizing individual meetings with it's members and other companies form industry willing to receive EU support for employee training projects. Our goal is to collect general information on what skills are required by the industry and also to tell more about the support program as such.

Please contact the association to get more information by writing to email: [email protected]


ABSL Latvia in cooperation with The Alliance of Real Estate Developers has prepared official recommendations to the Government of Latvia in order to highlight the activities needed to be initiated for the reason to significantly fasten the economic development of Latvia after the crisis.

The opinion article by Fredis Bikovs published on Dienas Bizness will guide you through on what has been suggested and how do we see the development of whole industry with the help of government.

Read full article here: https://bit.ly/3cX7YUI


Although we are still living in crisis, GBSC based in Latvia have around 200 job postings on cv.lv in IT, finance, customer care, procurement, logistics, HR and other business support functions.

"Currently Cabot Latvia has around 10 open job positions for junior, middle level specialists and experienced leaders. Thanks to technological solutions, it is possible to organize high quality interviews and online tests," highlights Lelde Lipska, General Manager at Cabot Latvia.

Read full article here: https://bit.ly/3aol1ww


More than ever before, we can see raising opportunities for Global Business Services sector. The existing crisis situation highlights the importance of the industry and it's flexibility to completely reorganize daily operations to remote mode, thus successfully ensuring business continuity without any disruptions. 

Get more insights in the article published on Dienas Vizness, where Fredis Bikovs (ABSL Latvia, EVRY Latvia, part of TietoEVRY), Alise Vilka (Atea Global Services Ltd.) and Zane Culkstena (ERDA) share their opinions on the current situation in the industry and what kind of new opportunities it could bring to industry.

Read full article here: https://bit.ly/2Z9LBak


Read an opinion editorial by ABSL Latvia Executive Director Monta Geidane to understand how current false misperceptions about GBS sector are actually harming overall development of Latvian economy and leaving Latvia far behind our neighbors.

"Lithuania and especially Vilnius is a brilliant example of overcoming false stereotypes about the industry and starting meaningful work towards attracting these high-paying workplaces,” tells Monta Geidāne in the article.

Read full article here: https://bit.ly/3iFUvnN


ABSL Latvia is proud of its members competing for internationally recognized nominations at CEE Business Services Awards Ceremony held in Warsaw last week. Our highest appreciation and support goes to all those companies who participated and congratulations to those ones who were announced as winners in certain categories. 

Read full article here: https://bit.ly/3e7Y8iU


ABSL Latvia has been established in April, 2019 by seven founding partners - “SEB AB” Rīgas filiāle, “DNB Bank ASA”, “EVRY Latvia” (part of "TietoEVRY"), “Cabot Latvia”, “Cognizant GB Limited” filiāle Latvijā, “Circle K Business Centre” and ERDA. The role of the association is to represent the whole industry in discussions with government institutions, improving the business environment and building the recognition of GBS sector. 

Read full article here: https://bit.ly/2Z7lgK6