17.11.2021 finance club webinar "practical tips for managing aml risks"

ABSL Latvia in cooperation with Deloitte organizes a FINANCE CLUB webinar "Practical Tips For Managing AML Risks" on November 17, 10:00-11:30 AM, MS Teams platform.

Arturs Loze, (Manager, Financial Advisory at Deloitte) will join our webinar as an expert explaining questions that many business service centers may have around AML topic - how it should be monitored, updated and whether it should be anyhow incorporated into training programs.  

Please contact the association to register your participation. The webinar is available for participation only to representatives (employees) of ABSL Latvia Members and Strategic Partners.


ABSL Latvia organizes a FINANCE CLUB webinar "Finance Shared Services - Getting To Know Industry Peers in Latvia" on September 24, 10:00-11:30 AM, MS Teams platform. The webinar will be held in English language.

10:00-11:00 Presentations (CIRCLE K BUSINESS CENTRE, TietoEVRY in Latvia, Containerships, Cabot Latvia, allnex Latvia.), where each company representative will tell more about their finance shared services, challenges faced by servicing this particular business support function, future plans, etc.
11:00-11:30 Industry virtual networking part. Your opportunity to raise the question, start a discussion and ask for advice from industry counterparts.)

Please contact the association to register your participation. The webinar is available for participation only to representatives (employees) of ABSL Latvia Members and Strategic Partners.

08.09.2021 executive club business breakfast

ABSL Latvia in cooperation with Tilde ~ organizes Business Breakfast for executives representing ABSL Latvia member organizations. The event will be held September 8, 10:00-11:30 AM, outdoors (TILDE Backyard - Vienības gatve 75A, Riga) 


  • 10:00-10:15 "AI-Powered Solutions For GBS Centers" (Mārtiņš Sūna, Viktorija Kononova, Tilde ~)
  • 10:15-10:30 "Innovation Is A Discipline" (Agur Jõgi, Deloitte Estonia)
  • 10:30-11:00 "ABSL Power" ABSL Workshop
  • 11:00-11:30 Networking
Please register your participation by e-mail: [email protected] no later than September 1, 2021.

20.08.2021 webinar "rethinking and reshaping office design"

ABSL Latvia organizes a webinar "Rethinking And Reshaping Office Design" on August 20, 2-3:30 PM, MS Teams platform. The webinar will be held in Latvian language.

During the online seminar, we will mainly focus on practical examples by answering questions on how far are we with implementing changes in the office environment, what are the lessons learned, and are employees satisfied with the changes in office design?

The agenda:

  • Olga Mihailova, Workplace Expert at Colliers International (Practical examples of changes in the office environment made by companies based in Latvia)
  • Inga Zvaigzne Workplace And General Services Leat at Accenture Baltics (Case study from the industry)
  • Open industry discussion (all attendees will be encouraged to actively participate)

05.08.2021 procurement club webinar "procurement process mining"

ABSL Latvia organizes Procurement Club webinar "Procurement Process Mining" on August 5, 2021, 10 AM-11 AM, MS Teams platform.

During already the second webinar within the Procurement Club, we will raise a topic of procurement process mining. We have invited topic expert Alexander Helfer from Celonis, and as always, we will also provide case studies from the industry - Ieva Aizvakara, Atea Global Services Ltd., and Cezars Torress-Rueda (LSG Group).

By joining the webinar, you will find out more about how to solve procurement’s top challenges with the help of process mining. Every procurement department has all the capacity to transform its procurement process into a world-class purchasing experience. Decreased process costs, minimized time spent on the process, reduced risks, raised efficiency rates - it's all possible thanks to process mining technologies.

02.07.2021 live broadcast on Facebook "business services sector in Latvia 2021-report presentation"

ABSL Latvia in collaboration with LIAA has released Business Services Report 2021 answering questions around the growth of industry, speed of RPA implementation, pandemic impact on future development plans, salary levels, etc. The Report will be presented on July 2 , 2-3:30 PM (Riga time) on Facebook live.

  • ABSL Latvia, Monta Geidane (Business Services Sector in Latvia)
  • Fontes, Lelde Kalnina (Pay and Benefits Change)
  • ERDA, Zane Culkstena (Employee Upskilling & Reskilling)
  • Tilde ~, Ruben Martinez (AI-Powered Language Technologies)
  • Colliers, Eriks Bergmans (Office Market)
  • Deloitte Latvia Elina Putnina (Trends in Site Selection 2021)
Watch the recording of the event here: https://bit.ly/3wQ8H3e

17.06.2021 webinar "Physical and mental wellbeing at work"

ABSL Latvia in collaboration with Vesels Birojs organizes a webinar “Physical And Mental Wellbeing At Work” on June 17, 10:00-11:30, MS Teams platform. 

During the webinar, experts will touch upon the following questions:

  • What are the “red flags” that should be noticed by all means? Data from recent studies were carried out in Latvia and other countries.
  • What kind of activities can improve employee’s well-being: what works and what doesn’t?
  • Practical recommendations to strengthen the overall wellbeing of employees.
After the expert presentation, we will have a panel discussion among industry members. 
In order to register your participation, please contact ABSL by writing to e-mail: [email protected].


ABSL Latvia finally launches the Executive Club providing an opportunity for Top leaders of our member companies to get to know each other better, raise certain topics important for the whole sector and discuss them within the community of highly experienced and knowledgeable managers.

The absolute goal behind launching the Executive Club is to build a highly collaborative platform for Top leaders allowing them to share experiences, exchange opinions, learn and inspire from each other, get advice, recommendations, etc.

Many thanks to The Hackett Institute and Sabine McGuin, DGBS for opening the Club by outlining the Top 10 priorities in the GBS sector in 2021.


ABSL Latvia in cooperation with its strategic partner Deloitte organizes HR & FINANCE Club webinar "Team building activities, staff wellbeing, and TAXATION" on May 6, 10:00-11:00 AM, MS Teams platform.

During the webinar, Deloitte Tax Expert A. Kļavinska will tell us more about how certain team-building activities and staff wellbeing initiatives may affect tax positions.🎁🎈💯 There will be a Q&A session after the expert presentation.

Please let us know whether you or anyone else on your organization’s behalf is going to participate in this webinar by writing to e-mail: [email protected].

Please note that the webinar is available for participation only to representatives of ABSL Latvia members & strategic partners. 🤝


ABSL Latvia in cooperation with its strategic partner Deloitte organizes HR & FINANCE CLUB webinar “Remote Work – Tax and Legal Aspects” on April 15, 🕙10:00-11:00, MS Teams platform.

During the webinar Deloitte experts Ivita Samlaja and Aija Klavinska will talk on the following topics:

🔸Which legal issues should be solved when employees are working from home, their yard, or even another country?
🔸How organizations should tax the payments made to employees to cover their costs while working remotely?
🔸How untracked and uncontrolled mobility of employees affects tax position?

Please let us know whether you or anyone else on your organization’s behalf is going to participate in this webinar by writing to e-mail: [email protected].✍️


ABSL Latvia organizes its Annual General Meeting held online on March 29, during which we will announce newly elected Board members for a period of the next two years.

List of candidates for ABSL Board 2021:
🔸 Fredis Bikovs, ABSL Latvia
🔸 Kim Leandersson, Cognizant Latvia
🔸 Alesja Kircenko, SEB Global Services Riga
🔸 Intars Sloka, DNB Bank ASA Service Center
🔸 Lelde Lipska, Cabot Latvia
🔸 Ilona Valdmane, TietoEVRY
🔸 Sintija Morica, Solvay Business Services Latvia
🔸 Juris Totojevs, Intrum Global Services
🔸 Anna Demidova, MSC Shared Service Center Riga
🔸 Raivis Trenko, MSC Shared Service Center Riga


ABSL Latvia in cooperation with Deloitte organizes a FINANCE CLUB webinar on March 26th, 🕙 10:00-11:00, MS Teams platform.

During the webinar Aija Klavinska, holding the position of Senior Tax Manager at Deloitte Latvia will guide us through the mandatory disclosure rules (DAC6). 📖

The questions that will be clarified during the webinar:
🔹Legislation background – EU Directive & local regulations;
🔹Important DATES and timeline;
🔹WHAT to report – cross-border arrangements meeting certain criteria;
🔹WHO reports – intermediaries – am I the one?;
🔹First threshold – the main benefit test – tax advantages vs tax consequences;
🔹WHY to report – Hallmarks ABCDE;
🔹HOW to report – info to EDS;
🔹Now what?


ABSL Latvia organizes CUSTOMER SERVICE Club Kick-off Webinar on February 26th, 3:00-4:00 PM, MS Teams platform in order to strengthen the community of Customer service experts working for the Business services industry in Latvia.

During the webinar we will welcome presenters from six different business services centers and each Customer Service expert will give a short 10 minutes presentation on how does the Customer Service function look like in their organizations, what are the main challenges, with which countries are they working, how far are they with RPA solutions.


ABSL Latvia webinar “What GDPR means for Employee Data?” organized in cooperation with Deloitte on February 25, 🕚11:00-12:00 am.

Ivita Samlaja (Associate Partner at Deloitte) will share experience on practical aspects of employee personal data protection. During her professional consultations, Ivita has observed that although organizations have well-developed client data protection policies, the same cannot be said when employee data is being processed and stored. GDPR applies similarly to both client and employee data protection. Companies with weak employee data protection policies are exposed to large fines. Ivita has hands-on experience in consulting GBS Centers in Latvia and she is open to share valuable information on what are significant factors that need to be considered when working with employee data. 


ABSL Latvia organizes Procurement Club Kick-off Webinar on February 12th, 10:00-11:00, MS Teams.

During the webinar we will welcome presenters from six different business services centers and each Procurement expert will give a 10 minutes presentation on how Procurement function looks like in their organizations, what are the main challenges, how far are they with RPA solutions. 🚀💯

🔸Matiss HaritonovsCabot Corporation
🔸Vanda KanavinaCircle K Business Centre
🔸Ilmārs Gaidelisallnex Latvia
🔸 Ieva AizvakaraAtea Global Services Ltd.
🔸 Karina Spungina, MSC Shared Service Center
🔸 Guna BambaleSolvay Business Services Riga


ABSL Latvia in cooperation with Deloitte organizes last but not least HR Analytics webinar on January 27th,🕙10:00-11:00, MS Teams. This time we will be focusing on EMPLOYEE RETENTION related questions and Deloitte experts will present how workforce analytics can help us to reduce employee turnover.

📌10:00-10:20 Deloitte Czech Republic (HR Analytics for Employee Retention (Vaclav Plevka, Analytics & Cognitive | Consulting at Deloitte Czech Republic; Ondrej Prerovsky, Senior Manager HR Cloud at Deloitte Czech Republic)
📌10:20-10:30 ERDA (How to retain employees? – Case Study) Pārsla Baško, Business Partner at ERDA
📌10:30-11:00 Panel discussion with industry members about Employee retention strategies and HR tools helping to track employee retention metrics.


Planning changes in our current office arrangement is tougher than ever before, since the circumstances caused by Covid19 have proved that the only measure here to stay is constant change itself. Meaning that it’s extremely hard to predict the time when we will come back to normal lives, though it will significantly differ from the one that we lived before pandemic hit the world. So many questions arise - to what extent employees will be willing to work remotely in long-term, what are the expectations from office environment and what future might bring to us in terms of new ways of working.

In order to seek for the answers, ABSL Latvia in cooperation with Colliers International organizes a webinar “Exploring the Post-COVID Workplace-the NEXT experience” on December 10, 10:00-11:00, as usual MS Teams platform.


Considering the existing circumstances, this is the right time to step in and improve performance analytics in your organization. Deloitte professionals having rich experience in Shared Service Centre industry across Europe and hands-on experience on human resource analytics, will share their knowledge and best practice examples to upgrade your company’s performance management.

Moreover, this time Deloitte offers outstanding, cost-free opportunity to book an individual call with Deloitte experts in order to take a look at existing performance management measures in your organizations, to identify what should be improved and what are the next steps to significantly uplift your overall efficiency by improving performance. Please contact [email protected], in case if you are interested in this opportunity.


🔜ABSL Latvia in cooperation with Deloitte organizes the first HR Analytics webinar with a focus on Recruitment.

September 25 I 10:00-11:00 I MS Teams

Recruitment analytics helps to make data-driven choices when it comes to sourcing, selection and hiring. With the help of recruitment analytics it is possible to significantly minimize hiring costs, reduce time spent to find the right candidates and improve the process itself by carefully assessing the reasons and factors why candidates drop out of the process and identify the characteristics that the best candidates have in common. 📊📈


ABSL Latvia is organizing a webinar “Health Strategy Management” in cooperation with Māris Žunda.
August 27 I 10:00-11:00 I (MS Teams Platform)

We will start with a short presentation by ABSL revealing the results coming survey and describing how well GBS centers are coping with mental and physical health of their employees in work environment.Māris Žunda is a founder and also a trainer of cold therapy school, having more than 10 years experience in IT field. He has realized that there is a lack of joyfulness and energy among employees in different kind of businesses. With the practice of many years he has become the best version of himself and now he is training others to live high-quality lives. 

  • How important is health management in work environment?
  • Profit, high-end delivery and health – what is the strategy and why?
  • Where are we heading to in trying to understand the importance of health?


ABSL Latvia in cooperation with The Alliance of Real Estate Developers organizes an online discussion with candidates for Riga City Council elections. The primary goal of debates is to discuss the role of Riga when it comes to investment attraction, creating well-paid jobs, increasing the number of highly qualified talents and strengthening the availability of office buildings and living space in Riga.

Take your opportunity to join the online discussion on August 5, 3:00-5:00 pm, ABSL Latvia Facebook account - https://lnkd.in/gAfvrnm


ABSL Latvia organize Finance Club webinar “RPA in Finance and Accounting”on July 30, 10:00-11:00 using MS Teams platform. This is your opportunity to discover how other shared service centers are using RPA to digitize accounting operations and how to get the most out of RPA in finance and accounting. The webinar will be organized as a panel discussion starting with three minutes long introductory presentations revealing an expertise of each panelist. You can apply to participate in webinar via email by writing to [email protected] 


ABSL Latvia organizes a Business Strategy Club webinar about quality control standards for GBSCs on July 1, 10:00-11:30 (Microsoft Teams platform.

We have invited two excellent speakers:

Agnese Alksne is a a passionate business impact architect with a focus to build bridges between businesses and communities. As BMTrada Latvia Business development manager, she supports businesses to enter new markets and opens doors to new customers through different certification schemes.

  • Dzintars Putnis is a management consultant and trainer having more that 18 years of experience in quality control management, business planning and development, process efficiency and improvement, audits of management systems etc.


ABSL Latvia organizes a webinar "Back to Normal" in order to share knowledge on how different GBS companies are planning to manage the transition period (after 12th of May) towards getting closer to normal workday at office or "new normal". We will have presentations by Alise Jegere (Facilities and Physical Security Coordinator at Cognizant Latvia) and Alesja Kircenko (Deputy Head at SEB Global Services). Afterward, we will hold a panel discussion, inviting both presenters and also Ieva Putrina (SHE Coordinator at allnex Global Business Services Latvia) to speak on different measures taken by companies to prevent the spread of virus during period after May 12, when employees will gradually return to offices.

Many Global Business Service Centers have prolonged the possibility to work from home, some of organizations are allowing it's employees to return to offices only after the Summer. Still, there are also many companies that allow their employees to gradually return to offices already starting from tomorrow. Exactly for those GBS Centres it will be especially interesting to hear what preventive activities others have implemented and what can be easily taken over to your organization. 


ABSL Latvia in cooperation with Deloitte Latvia organizes HR Club, this time held as a webinar on May, 7, 10:00-11:30.

Ivita Samlaja (an expert in labor law) will guide us through the best ways on how to stay compliant with labor law when solving cases with employees arising due to Covid19. There will be a Q&A session, so please do prepare your questions.

Afterwards we will have a short panel discussion welcoming participants from Business Services industry:

  • Ieva Zirne, Senior HR Business Partner at CIRCLE K BUSINESS CENTRE
  • Santa Rožkalna, HR Manager at Solvay Business Services Latvia
  • Lelde Lipska, General Manager at Cabot Latvia.